MegaCon 2013

I try to go to MegaCon every year, against my better judgment in some circumstances. This year, much like every year, was fun as all hell.

Now, for those who aren’t playing the home game, MegaCon is a comic book/sci-fi/anime convention that meets in Orlando, Florida around late February/March. It’s a gigantic mix of dealers selling comics and plushies, a ton of awesome panels that feature actors and writers discussing their craft, and tons of people in costume. It’s a blast.

This year, I managed to make it to a single panel: The “Voice Actors Gone Wild!” panel. This particular panel put Billy West (Phillip Fry and Zoidberg in Futurama, as well as others) John DiMaggio (Bender in Futurama, Jake in Adventure Time), DC Douglas (Albert Wesker in some of the Resident Evil games, Legion in the Mass Effect games), and Christina Vee (An actress whom I am not familiar with) together to act out scenes from the Lord of The Rings movies as the characters they voice. It was insane to see these actors pull off their voices so damn well, and even funnier to hear John DiMaggio make fun of the crowd (“Nerds!”) when there was a particularly hard-to-pronounce word in the script. The only real downside is that Tara Strong was supposed to be at the panel as well, but for some reason she was not there. Oh well. This panel was the only one I wanted to go to, and it was well worth waiting in line for the hour or so it took. The small group I was with was actually one of the last to get an actual seat at the panel, as well. It got to standing-room-only level pretty quick after the doors opened, and a ton of people were turned away once the room was past capacity. It was nuts.

I don’t do a lot of actor-meeting at these conventions. This year, the majority of the cast from Star Trek: The Next Generation was there, doing autographs and photos. I didn’t particularly care for it, since I’m not a huge Star Trek fan.

I was primarily at MegaCon for the merch.

So much merch.

My main goal for this convention was to find stuff to display in my new game room. Y’know, stuff that was videogame-related. Stuff that I couldn’t just buy at a regular store. I succeeded on that front. My main purchases consisted of:

– A black Yoshi plush

A plush of Yoshi that is black in color. You don’t see that every day. This is going with my Super Nintendo games. Woo.

– A Kirby plush

It’s Kirby! Kirby is an icon of gaming, mostly due to the fact that he’s a video game character made of a substance that is more adorable than a pile of kittens. It also helps that Kirby’s video games are some of the most fun ones ever created. Kirby Super Star is still my favorite game of all time. This plush will go great displayed next to my Super Nintendo collection.

– A figurine of Strider Hiryu

Strider was an arcade game made by CapCom. The character hasn’t made a ton of appearances, but his appearance in Marvel Vs. Capcom in 1998 was enough to warrant ToyBiz to make an action figure of him in their Marvel Vs. Capcom series of figures. MvC is one of my favorite arcade games, and Strider Hiryu happens to be my second-favorite character to use in the game. This will look awesome on top of my arcade machine, right next to…

– A figurine of Captain Commando

Captain Commando. CapCom’s flagship character, who first appeared on the back of Nintendo Entertainment System games that CapCom published, as a sort of mascot for the company. Hence the name CAPtain COMmando. This figure is based on his appearance in Marvel Vs. Capcom.

Those latter two figures have been something that I’ve been looking for since I was a kid. It’s good to finally own them, as they’ll look awesome in my game room. I don’t collect a lot of that stuff anymore, mostly because I enjoy having women at my apartment and I also can spend my money on other things that are more important. A few of them are good for decoration, though. It makes my game room a lot more interesting.

I didn’t go to MegaCon in costume. I don’t think I ever will. Not my thing. Other people, though, made some friggin’ amazing outfits. One guy made an Iron Man suit that looked like a goddamn movie prop. It even had a flip-up faceplate. I’ve got a video of that that I’ll be putting on this site later.

All in all, MegaCon was fantastic. Just wish I could have stayed for more than a day.


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