“What the hell are you listening to?” Part 3: Trinity: The Last Stand: Marauder: Dracula’s Curse

All of the subtitles are references to the third part of a series. In order: Blade, X-Men, Starship Troopers, and Castlevania.

O Positive – Only Breathing/Cloud Factory

Okay. Not gonna lie. I don’t own this album. I do own a single O Positive release, which is their 1990 album “Toyboat Toyboat TOYboat”, which is how my iTunes displays it. They’re a band from Boston that never quite got to a huge level of success. First track I heard of theirs was “Up, Up, Up”, which is a very haunting track that reminds me a lot of Tribe. Maybe it’s the opening. I don’t know. O Positive’s tracks have a lot of very precise and complex drumming. It’s practically what makes them sound the way they do. “Pictures” is a good example of that driving drum beat. Their music is, understandably, hard to get a hold of. The only reason I found “Toyboat” was because I managed to find it in a record store in Hyannis, MA. Kinda makes sense.

Silversun Pickups – Pikul

Is their lead singer a guy, or a girl? A lot of people can’t tell. I had an argument with someone during a Video Game Club meeting a few years ago about it. I insisted that the singer was male, she insisted the singer was female. I’m still not entirely sure if I won that argument. This is an interesting band. It’s got a lot of complex drumming and time changes, and a lot of their songs build up quite nicely to something much more than what they originally were. They use a lot of distortion, as well. “Comeback Kid” is a good example of that, along with the sudden time changes and the awesome drumming.

On! Air! Library! – Self-Titled

This is a band that is really, really hard to classify. Tracks like “Feb.” and “Bread” are more or less post-rock with ambient touches, and tracks like “Faultered Ego”, posted above, are much more experimental. Some of the tracks make heavy use of sampling, as well. Listen to it. Can you decipher much of the lyrics? I sure as hell can’t. Tracks like “Bread” are full of droning, repeated phrases like “Shaking in your bones is required to dream apart colossal empires.” It starts to simultaneously make more and less sense when you know that O!A!L! bandmates Claudia and Ally Deheza are lucid dreamers, and the lyrics usually come before the music. O!A!L!’s only full-length release is a self-titled album, but they did do a couple of EPs, one of which was a split with The Album Leaf. On!Air!Library! is definitely one of the most unique bands I’ve ever listened to, just because they’re so. damn. hard to pin down. How many genres are they trying to incorporate? The answer to that is “Yes.”


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