Darkstalkers Resurrection


Capcom is re-releasing Darkstalkers 2 and 3 under the banner of Darkstalkers: Resurrection. It’ll come out in March on the 12th for the Playstation Network, and the day after for Xbox Live. Price of entry is $14.99 on the PS3, and 1200 Microsoft Happy Fun Time Cashmoney on the ‘360.

(Goddamn… Gotta love the artwork that Destructoid used for the headline. For what it’s worth, that particular character isn’t *too* overly-sexualized in the actual game. Not to the Ivy (from Soul Caliber) levels that that art would lead you to believe.)

Darkstalkers can more or less be described as “Street Fighter with monsters.” Really, that’s what it is. You’ve got the same control scheme and similar archetypes, but they’ve went and jazzed it up with monsters and demons that are totally not supposed to be based on any copyrighted work at all, ever, forever.

That said, the Darkstalkers series is fantastic. It’s a 90’s Capcom fighting game, so the controls are perfect and it’s very easy to get sucked into the series and the other ones that Darkstalkers characters have appeared in.

One of the biggest issues plaguing a lot of these updated re-releases of old games is the problem of in-game visuals not holding up over time. Let’s face it: what was once fantastic and state-of-the-art is probably laughable now. Capcom’s fighting games are some of the few that do break this trend, however. Even so, playing an old 2D fighter on a HDTV can be difficult. Old games look different on HDTVs. The resolution’s high enough that any dithering or color bleed tricks that the developers used to hide the limitations of color palettes won’t really work. Not to mention the fact that Darkstalkers 2 or 3 weren’t made to be played with a widescreen. To remedy this, Capcom has done a really clever thing: They’ve re-created the arcade bezel and the distorted image of an arcade monitor running the game, complete with CRT scan lines. So, instead of having an image of a square that doesn’t take up the whole screen, they’ve gone and increased the immersion a bit further by making it look like you’re playing at a Darkstalkers arcade cabinet. This is a really, really cool concept, albeit one that may be lost on some people.

Darkstalkers is a franchise that hasn’t gotten a ton of love from Capcom as of late. Think of it as the Mega Man of fighting games in that regard. Still, Darkstalkers Resurrection will be worth playing when it comes out, provided that something doesn’t go horribly wrong when the game comes out…


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