“What the hell are you listening to?” Part 2: The Reckoning

The second part in any series is always going to be similar to the first, but it will ultimately be half as good. Case in point: Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen, Barenaked Ladies’ “Maybe You Should Drive” album, Crank 2, Actraiser 2, and so on…

Kavinsky – Nightcall EP

So I’ve been playing Hotline: Miami for a while. It’s probably as close as we’re going to get to “Drive: The Game.” It’s full of awesome 80’s-inspired visuals and a unique retro game art style that makes it a little easier to swallow all of the crazy violence that this game packs in. Seriously, it’s nuts. If this game was made with current-gen graphics, it would either get an AO rating or it wouldn’t be done justice. Oh, yeah, and the music is awesome. Kavinsky is a French DJ, and his music falls under the banners of house and synthpop. I’m a sucker for synthpop (‘Til Tuesday’s “Voices Carry” is a guilty pleasure of mine. Don’t judge me.), so this EP fits that bill quite nicely. Speaking of Drive, Kavinsky’s track “Nightcall” was featured in it.

Dinosaur Jr. – Without A Sound

Picked this album up at a Goodwill for $1. It has to be worth $1, right? Well, in this case, it certainly is. Goddamn, this album is fantastic! I first heard about Dinosaur Jr. from hearing “Feel The Pain” in Rock Band 2, and I always intended to pick up the album it was on, but I never did until now. The track I posted a video of above is “Grab It”. I’ll admit, it took me a while to find it, because I’ve enjoyed the album so much that I’ve neglected to even read the names of the tracks on the back of the CD case. Most of the album is loud and fast, but it’s never too out of control. I’m going to definitely check out the rest of this band’s discography. I would think that Dinosaur Jr.’s drummer was tired out after finishing the above track. So much ride cymbal. So much.

Mission of Burma – ONoffON

Speaking of “out of control” sound… Mission of Burma is, like, *the* definition of loud music. Webster’s Dictionary should just play a little sample of “That’s How I Escaped My Certain Fate” when you turn to the page that has the word “loud” defined on it. See also: “awesome”. ONoffON was released in 2004, which was Mission of Burma’s first album since their initial breakup in 1983. They’ve since gone on to record more albums than they ever did back when they were influencing every band ever. Their style is basically a train wreck of post-punk and alternative rock that somehow falls into place, coupled with delay and echoing effects that can turn some tracks into great pieces of music, and others into a barely-coherent mess. A lot of their stuff can be jarring, mostly because it just seems to linger in your head. It’s probably not the best music to use as a wake-up alarm, because there’s the chance that it won’t even wake you and it’ll just seamlessly integrate into your dreams. I found that last part out the hard way. All in all, though? Listen to ’em if you haven’t already. It’s not like I’m spreading any new information, though.


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