Two Fourteen

So. How am I spending my Valentine’s Day? I’m going to sit around and bitch about how I don’t have a girlfriend.

More and more, I’ve noticed that Valentine’s Day has shifted from a day where couples can enjoy themselves, to a day where every single person laments the fact that they don’t have a partner to enjoy the day with. It’s less “Valentine’s Day” and more “Singles Awareness Day.”

Or, in some circles, “Prozac Refill Awareness Day.”

I believe that it’s silly to dedicate a day to something as hard to pin down as romance. If you’re in a dedicated relationship, you shouldn’t need to make time for romance. I’m not suggesting that you need not show any affection towards a significant other, I’m just saying that showing somebody that you care is a hell of a lot more effort than buying chocolates and pinot noir. If your partner truly cares for you as you care for them, you wouldn’t need the candy and wine.

But that’s sort of like saying that Christmas isn’t all about the gifts. As true as it is, people still expect something. And who the hell are you to deny your partner of a heart-shaped box of corn syrup and cocoa butter?


For every couple who talks about their plans for Valentine’s Day, there’s a thousand single people talking about how they’re all going to be Forever Alone because they aren’t in a relationship. I hear it more than actual Valentine’s Day conversations.

If you’re really upset about not having a date for Valentine’s Day, there’s only one person who could have gotten the job done. But don’t sweat it. It’s just another day.

Be glad that you don’t have to spend a romantic evening with someone who may not even be able to hear you over the cacophony of all of the other people trying to have a romantic evening.


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