“What the hell are you listening to?”

Well, I’ll tell ya.

I’m going to post a YouTube link of a song from an album that I’ve recently listened to.

First off…

Nada Surf – If I Had A Hi-Fi

This is a great album of covers by Nada Surf, which is a band from New York that had a minor hit with the song “Popular” in 1996. Most of their stuff isn’t like that track. Most of their tracks sound like something from, uh… the artists they’re covering on this album. This palindrome-named album is full of covers of contemporary artists as well as tracks from bands that inspired them. It’s great. The link above is a cover of the Go-Betweens’ “Love Goes On.”

Toad The Wet Sprocket – Pale

If I’m ever in a band, this band would be the one that I make a tribute album to. This album came out in 1990. TTWS is a band that was very active during the 1990s, but they kind of died off before the turn of the new millennium. Style-wise, they’re an alternative band that has a lot of folk influence, and most of their earlier material was much quieter than the stuff from their latter two albums. “Pale” is their Sophomore release, and it’s probably the quietest they have done. That said, the quiet nature of the tracks does not mean that they aren’t lacking in substance. Tracks like “She Cried” and “Chile” are very powerful, moving pieces. Of course, the song I chose to embed isn’t quiet at all. It’s called “Jam”, mostly because that’s what they decide to call it at the end of the album version of the song. The version in the video seems to be something they recorded for MTV. It’s a bit different.

School of Seven Bells – Ghostory

I’ve mentioned this to people before, and generally they don’t quite know what I mean: School of Seven Bells sounds a lot like Tribe mixed with Slowdive. The reason I say that is primarily because Alejandra Deheza sounds a hell of a lot like their lead singer, and the tracks have a lot of that late-80’s-early-90’s feel to them. It’s almost like a natural evolution of Tribe’s sound. At least, their earlier stuff. The Slowdive comparison (which is an awesome title for a book, by the way…) is drawn from the fact that there is more sound packed into this record than most others. It’s dense. Haagen-Dazs dense. It sounds a hell of a lot like Slowdive’s track “Alison” in terms of the sound. It’s drowning, echo-y, don’t-play-this-while-driving-or-you’ll-fall-asleep stuff. The embedded track is “Lafaye”.


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