A post that is about video games.

Can’t think of much to post.

Oh, wait. Here’s something.


Every Sunday, I go to a local video game store, which happens to be a local Play N Trade branch. See, PnT is a company that individually franchises each location, so each one is just a little bit different. It’s essentially a mom & pop business, except the owner gets a pretty sign and promotional materials are made up for them.

I go there because I enjoy collecting and playing video games. Now, I know far too much about this subject. I know more about video games than anyone should know. This can be considered a problem.

Oh, hell. Unless Brian Crecente starts hosting some sort of video game version of Jeopardy, I’m pretty much NEVER going to use my video game knowledge in a practical way. But I’m not writing this to talk about that.

I went to this beautiful video game store today, and I bought a whopping two whole games.

Which games? Mega Man II, and Mega Man III, both for the Game Boy.

See, the Game Boy is one of the main consoles that I collect games for, along with the Super Nintendo. Why those? It’s mostly because of nostalgia. My dad got me a Game Boy when I was a toddler, and I loved the hell out of it. It’s the same thing with the Super Nintendo. Growing up, though, I didn’t own a lot of games. Yeah, I PLAYED a lot of games, but most of them were rentals or stuff that my friends owned. The list of games that I owned was very little in comparison to what I PLAYED.

Most of the games that PnT sells were originally sold for $40-$50 when they came out. I distinctly remember seeing games like Mega Man III in stores for that much when they were brand new. To see the same game in a video game store for a fraction of what it was originally sold for is absolutely phenomenal. It’s even better to see a store that actually sells the older stuff, as Gamestop refuses to carry old merchandise.

So, yeah. Game Boy stuff. It’s good. Until Nintendo releases Mega Man II and III on the 3DS eShop, getting the original carts is the only legal method to play these games.

But, do you really need the carts? Hell no. I’m what many people would call “obsessed”. I live and breathe this stuff, which is something that I’m not particularly proud of. Sure, I love this hobby, but it’s not going to win me any awards. But, whatever. Everyone has a hobby. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, but I’m fully aware that it’s not for everyone.

Welp. I’m rambling. This is going to happen a lot.

Oh, and the games are pretty good, I guess.



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